Home Energy Management Systems with R.E.L.M.S.

Welcome to R.E.L.M.S.

home energy management systemsR.E.L.M.S. (Remote Energy Lifestyle Management Systems) is a home energy management system which is designed to work with your traditional oil/gas/LPG fired boiler as well as renewable technologies such as solar PV.

The price of energy is going up. With R.E.L.M.S. you are in full control of your heating and hot water meaning you don't waste energy.

You wouldn't boil your whole kettle if you weren't going to use it or to make just one cup of tea so why do this for your hot water?

You wouldn't heat up your holiday home when you aren't there or turn your oven on when you don't need it so why do this in your home?

R.E.L.M.S. home energy management systems is the solution.

Please watch the video below to see how it works.